Taking it in stride.

Things have been a little crazy in the past few months.  I went to PA for Thanksgiving, and my sister and I ran our first Turkey Trot together.  We weren’t sure where the race was, and we left a little late.  We weren’t registered, either, and we both had to pee…We found the race, we were the last people to register, and the bathrooms were like the holy grail.  We got in and out (with our numbers on even) just in time for the race to start.  Not the greatest 5K time I ever put up, but I had been having some motivation issues (see my last post) so it was good to just get a race in.  The end was grueling.  My sister was racing me, I was racing her, and we were both trying to pass the girl we had traded positions with the whole race.  I had that feeling right at the end that I may puke, which let me know I was really working hard.  If you’ve never run so hard you puked, well, you’re just not doing it right.  It was also a great way for us to escape our family for a few hours together before a huge dinner with about 14 adults and a baby.  I love my family, but…well, you get it.



That’s me on the right! Good times 🙂

After that is was on to preparations for my niece’s first birthday that Saturday.  Let me just tell you, mothers are crazy!!  My sister went all out for this thing, complete with personalized gift bags for the children and about 50 guests.  And then the baby wouldn’t even eat the cake.  Priceless.  Exhausting, but all in all a great holiday with family.

After all the guests had gone, I got a few quiet days with my niece, sister, and brother in-law.  We went hiking, and my sister and I put in a few miles at a lake at one of the state parks.  Then it was time to head back to Florida and try to get my training back on track.

But that was just not meant to be, as my life took a different stride when I got back.  My boyfriend and I were running some errands, and I was thinking about all the homework I needed to finish that I didn’t get done in PA.  After a look at my calendar I realized some things were not in order.  A few hours later I had the answer  to what had been making everything seem so difficult.  A positive pregnancy test.

I have quickly found that pregnancy is not something you fit into your life, but something you change your life for.  I tried to run, it made me puke.  I tried to run again, I had to pee the whole time.  I wanted to run, but I really needed a nap.  The tiredness is amazing.

But I’m committed to run, and I know it will be a different kind.  Before I would push my body past where it was comfortable to get better.  Now, I’m training for something different.  Where before a run would help a sore leg or back, now it makes it worse.  But I’m committed to run, however much and however far I can.  The blog will be a little different now, as I’m training for a different kind of marathon.

I contacted the registration people for my half this weekend, and they agreed to apply my registration fees to next year’s race.  That gives me about 5 months after the baby is born to train for my first half.  It’ll be a good motivator.

About brookeg20

I'm a 32 year old female. I'm originally from upstate NY, but have been living in central FL for the past five years. I'm in my third year of a doctorate program in Psychology. I started running about six years ago, and I am currently training for my first half-marathon.
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4 Responses to Taking it in stride.

  1. trueindigo says:

    Congratulations! Running during this special time in your life might be a challenge but you can do it!

  2. Laurie Cox says:

    Congratulations! Be sure to take extra special care of yourself….with a little one board now make sure you get plenty of rest.

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